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Samuel Grant

In my experience as a former business owner and now helping owners operate their business is the most challenging aspect of the business is capital. Start-up capital and maintaining a healthy working capital were the most challenging in small businesses. After all the planning and more planning, once the doors open, you noticed you're short on capital, your cash flow is insufficient. Business is slow ramping up and you don't have sufficient money to cover your payroll or other direct expenses. The first fault of many small business owners is to use your own money. Not a wise choice. Always seek capital assistance through acquiring a small business loan, preferably through the SBA. The agency is a good source that backs loans for small business owners.

the most enjoyable aspect of owning your own business is that you're the owner, you're the "man' or you're the "lady" ; in essence, you're the boss.

Answered 5 years ago

Samuel Grant