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Jeffrey Brinker

Not all business majors are heavily math orientated, but all have at least an acquaintance with it. Every major in business is going to force you take one or two finance and accounting classes. These classes are important for you to learn since these will always have a strong basis in business.

However, some majors only use basic math. Marketing will usually only require you to use basic addition, subtraction and multiplication. It may also require you to look at other company's sales numbers and try to learn from them, but you won't have to dig too far into their finance sheets to do so. It is most likely has the least math in it. A lot of the class is focused on advertising programs and product design, where no math is involved.

Another route is Supply Chain/Logistics. Much of the major is focused on optimizing results with a fixed number of resources. These will have mixed linear programs that you have to solve for usually, but with technology now, colleges usually teach these on computers. Many parts of Supply Chain/Logistics are orientated in logic and not math. As long as you have a strong set of decision making abilities, this field could be applicable to you.

Answered 8 years ago

Jeffrey Brinker