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Thomas Codispoti

First of all, an additional certification certainly can't hurt. It may be the one differentiating factor between you and another candidate that nets you the position. It also goes a long way in showing a current employer that you are serious about bettering yourself, broadening your horizons, and sharpening your skills. That may make a difference in getting you noticed.

Also, you may want to have a talk with your manager and/or HR dept. and ask them to work with you an a career path plan so they know where you want to go and you know what you need to do to get there.

Finally, while there may not be opportunities to move up, look for sideways moves. Those can be even more important early in your career because they give you a broader base and can help keep you from being 'tracked' to narrowly. For example, if an accounting manager position comes open but if you have never done A/P or Payroll, just A/R, you could be at a significant disadvantage.

Good luck!

Answered 3 years ago

Thomas Codispoti