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Al Sing

Had I not read that you have a technical background, i would have said that you were probably best suited for an engineering major. However I think that marketing is a very viable option that can take advantage of your background.
There is a field of studies within marketing called product marketing management. In essence product marketers need to have a good understanding of their target markets, and help develop products to address unmet needs. In this process you will have a chance to collaborate with people from several functional areas of the organization which includes engineering, supply chain, finance, etc.. to come up with business proposals.
Some of the most successful product marketers i know, have a good solid technical background that helps them understand the ins and out of a product and can speak to them in a non-technical language. Imagine being the product marketing manager for the division of Caterpillar that buils the earth movers... You would have to understand operating conditions and bein able to translate and associate the product requirements with the marketing requirements and speak to them artfully.
So i think you are in the right path, so go for it! Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Al Sing