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Sandeep Anand

At the outset your career focus seems diverse but lets look at that more closely.
Lets start with your question around career prospects first as that will largely determine the core career path.
A good place to research career prospects is the US Dept Labor website. There you can view statistical data on a number of career choices, their growth, conditions of work and comparisons. Look for the Occupational Outlook Handbook page.The webiste is http://www.bls.gov/ooh/.

Having said that out of the career choices you have mentioned I personally think that Finance provides you the best options towards a wide variety of career paths that have high growth are stable.

To my mine the question about the one field easiest to move in is not a valid criteria when planning for careers. At the very least one needs to commit to hard work and willing to take challenges to succeed in any given field. You have to be willing to work hard.

Answered 8 years ago

Sandeep Anand