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Allison Elizabeth

You're probably going to want to find a school that suits your needs - do you need to work while going to school, or are you stable enough to quit your job and just focus on school? Can you find a school that offers night classes? Can you find a 2-year instead of a 4-year school? Can you afford tuition, or do you have to take out loans? I would consider researching schools that fit what you're capable of doing. Make sure to contact their financial aid department to see what they can help you with - they often bend over backwards to get new students to enroll - they are businesses after all. I would avoid any of the online universities you see online as they tend to be less...desired.

Also, consider looking into community college for your general education classes once you find a university - community college classes are much cheaper and the school you'll eventually choose can tell you if the courses will transfer or not.

Answered 9 years ago

Allison Elizabeth