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Howie Wallach

The advice that is most commonly given is " do what you enjoy." The thought is, if you do what you don't like, then work becomes a major chore. Basically, getting paid to do what you enjoy, doesn't feel like work. Problem is, sometimes it's not as simple as just doing what you enjoy simply because of the possibility of not earning enough to support a family, save, make contributions, etc.

So the obvious question; what do you want to do and what interests you?
Great news, You're in the driver's seat and in a great position to pursue whatever you want. You can even get your bachelors in "music" and pursue a music related career.

This site may provide some ideas: princetonreview.com click on "college" and under the schools and majors heading you can select either "majors" or "careers."

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Answered 7 years ago

Howie Wallach