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Hi There-

I was a communications major in college and there are many careers that seek out strong communicators. The beautiful thing about communication is that just about every professional role you can think of requires communication skills.

The question I would ask yourself is nor what career enhance this, but what careers excite me? Trying to figure out where you might fit in is a backwards approach to seeking a career, you should be identifying what you are passionate about and than align that with your skills. Passion + Skills = Success.

You should be answering these questions:

1. What gets me up in the morning?

2. When am I most happy?

3. What sets me apart from most people?

4. What do I want to accomplish with my life?

These questions helped me connect with my now career, which I love. I am an entrepreneur that started a consulting company that provides leadership training workshops. I use my strong communication skills to give presentations in front of large groups of people who are eager to learn how to enhance their skills.

Some other common careers would be PR, sales, training, HR, project management, recruiting, teaching, coaching, hospitality (customer service), and client relations.

If you have any other questions I can help with let me know!


Answered 8 years ago