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Paul Keast

That is not the problem so do not focus too much on that most people don't know either and just fall into jobs. The problem is to now find out.

Do not focus too much on money for now. It is the job or vocation that is the most important. Money buys comfort but not contentment.

make a list of what you like to do, 10 things. Then identify the top 3 and research all the job possibilities of these. Then go find people that do these things and talk to them for more details.

Determine if you have the skills to do the things you like, if not where can you get the skills. Can you then work in the new area as a volunteer, intern or lower level to gain experience.

Remember that there is no perfect job. All jobs have things that are less fun to do. Seek to work that gives you the most of the things you like.

Answered 9 years ago

Paul Keast