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Stephanie Gates

1. Do a research about what different branches will lead you into. You must know what you want to be in your future. You also must be sure about that stream of engineering will give you what you want.

2.Cover complete syllabus of important subjects of your branch, but just study for getting pass marks in unimportant ones. There are some subjects that have their connections/relations with course which are in forthcoming semesters (they are prerequisites).

3.Be friendly with your teachers and participate in college activities.

4.Buy standard and quality books. Don't sell your book at the end of semester. Your books will help you to make a quick revision of your subject in your future in case you forget any concept and need it. Nothing can make you recall and grasp the understanding that your own book can.

5.Never miss practicals, that's all you will be doing in your future.

6.Keep a track on what's going high in the markets. This will help you to select some important topics of interest that will help you to succeed in future. Always stay connected to internet and other information resources to get your updates.

Answered 9 years ago

Stephanie Gates