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Hi, first I was so happy to read you want to be an active participant in society. That tells me right off you want to make a true impact on the world and you will. First, I would pick a major that is meaningful to you. You will excel at what you do best. In addition to that, I completely let me daughter chose the right school for her. Not the best school out there so I could brag to my friends. She make the right choice for her and has an amazing life. Second, I suggest you travel as much as you can. Not as a tourist, but by truly fitting in to the culture. You will learn more from traveling than anything else. Hands down. Third, be very aware of each and ever conversation you have. Everyone has something to share. I think, following these things, along many other tips you will get will provide you with a live where you can have meaning and contribute to society. In meantime, start by walking outside and smiling at someone, doing an act for someone that will be appreciated. That in itself will be an immediate step toward your awesome goal.

Answered 4 years ago