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Hello - what I can say about this is: you can start off by being yourself and show excellent attitude and personality. This will be your base for all things you will do in life. With that said if you are looking into Business/Management, in theory anything you will do will actually help the world progress. For example, you are a manager in a Best Buy store. Well you show up to work everyday with a smile/good attitude. That helps people/customers/co-workers get into a good positive mood. By you managing the store, you help sell merchandise. People are happy with their TVs/computers/etc. Sellers(manufacturers) ship more merchandise to you since you are selling more. All sellers have families to provide too, carriers moving the merchandise have families as well so in a way you are helping them as well. And this all starts with the manager showing excellent attitude and cool personality while managing the store/customers - just being himself. Hope I have helped you in any way.

Answered 7 years ago