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Brian Cesario

Hi there,
Although I cannot comment on ways to make your debut into the culinary industry, I can offer one little piece of advice that was given to me years ago: being "good at" something is not necessarily the best reason to choose a career path. Obviously, you need to have talent and skill in order to succeed, but there are many other qualities you need to possess as well. Persistence, tenacity, patience, devotion, drive, commitment, and competitiveness come to mind. I would encourage you to check your passions before diving into this as a career; you'll be doing this work for a long time, so be sure that it's something you love doing and that you won't lose interest over time. Most importantly, don't try to turn a hobby (if cooking is your hobby; if it isn't, then you can ignore this) into a business because mixing business and pleasure almost always takes the enjoyment out of the activity.

Not trying to scare you or put down your idea. Just offering some friendly advice. I wish you much success, whatever you elect to do.

Answered 7 years ago

Brian Cesario