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Greg Moreno

I recommend to proof yourself first, I mean go out and do an 'internship' with a company. Of course, the first approach should be talking to the company and letting them know of your plan. Here is my suggestion to you - again as a suggestion. Ultimately, you decide what is best for to succeed:

1. Meet & greet with company executive or manager
2. Set plan to be an intern for 3 months or maybe 6 months
3. As an intern, you will work/collaborate with current business team so you can help/suggest/implement new ways as an improvement to their own process. It could be from a simple process to a more complex collaborative plan between multiple teams. Of course, all while learning and getting experience for yourself.
4. Part of the plan at the end of internship is to obtain a written recommendation letter signed and approved by company's executives. This is for you to help build rapport, references, and a great way to add this letter/references to your resume for future use.
5. I would even highly suggest to do this with 2 or 3 companies so you can learn as you go along the way. Of course, maybe build relationships with those companies for possible future business paths.

Hope this helps you. Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

Greg Moreno