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Shayla Frinks


I would suggest that you do what you can with the paralegal studies degree until you can transition to another career path. In the meantime, network with people near you that are in careers that you may want to pursue someday. Talk to them about it and, if possible, follow them around for a day or two to see if you can imagine yourself in their position. Also, since you're interested in business, do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to get an internship or a job in a business field that you think you may be interested in. Experience carries a lot of weight in the business world. I would also suggest that since you don't quite know what you want to do, go on Youtube and watch videos of people who are doing jobs that you are considering. This truly helped me decide what I wanted to do. I was in the same predicament as you. It can be overwhelming to choose just one thing to pursue.

Answered 7 years ago

Shayla Frinks