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David Bradley

Luckily, you have plenty of time to figure your future out and you are really thinking about it much more than anyone else is your age!

My suggestion is that you start to work on different projects. For example:
1) Start your own blog -- You can do it for free through WordPress. Spend a month researching different fields/jobs you might be interested in and writing a blog post once per week on it. You learn a lot through this, and it's totally okay if no one is following your blog but you!

2) Start your own business -- You can start planning now and open up later in your high school career. Again, research and explore ideas and then get going. For a high school student, events are often great learning experience that require minimal cash investment to start.

3) Internships!!! There are plenty of companies out there looking for free work. There are good and bad internships. Bad internships = doing the same, basic work over and over, such as stuffing envelopes for mailings. However, if you are in high school, even these opportunities are worth 2-4 hours a week as it puts office experience on your resume, and you can at least observe what others are working on (ask to shadow others as well!).

Thoughts? I'll follow up more questions from here. Just don't expect anyone to give you an answer of "do this job and you'll love it", because we always need to continue learning and growing throughout life -- whether you are a high school freshman, or someone with fifteen years in the workforce already.

Answered 7 years ago

David Bradley