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Diana Gonzalez

All of those careers sound great. Senior year of high school is an exciting opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. Honestly, only you can decide which career path you want to take and it takes time. You will not decide in one day or one month. For some people, it's a life long journey, as our interest change with the experience we have. It will require you to do some research to narrow down your options. I encourage you to go to the following website and take an assessment which will help you discover your interests. The website is http://www.cacareerzone.org/ip/

Answer all of the questions honestly, at the end of the assessment, you will be able to research and look into careers based on your interest. From there, you will find out what training and education is needed to get into that career. I have shared this website with many students, and they have found it very helpful.

I am a career counselor, let me know if you have other questions.

Answered 9 years ago

Diana Gonzalez