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I'm fascinated by the communications/ advertising and marketing fields

I am currently a junior in Baruch College soon to be a senior and would just like some insight on the communications field. Basically what are the highs and lows and ideal advice on the communications/marketing/ advertising etc fields.

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Ken Simmons

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Answered 3 years ago

Ken Simmons

Carmen Gigar

There are no ideals, but I can say that the communication and marketing have allow me to work with diverse corporations. I have worked as a company spokesperson, product development manager and have lead rebranding efforts. Marketing can take many paths. You can be a researcher or a member of a creative team that develops ad campaigns. Marketing will require a well-rounded background. You have to be familiar with psychology, current events and accounting. You will have to be a constant observer and be willing to work in ever changing envirnoments. Whether you work in a service or product based organization, you have will need to have a focus on changing trends and new competitive developments. You have a be a avid reader to keep up with the constant changes in the marketplace. Communication skills both verbal and written are key. Flex you imagination and constantly learn.

Answered 6 years ago

Carmen Gigar