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Rick Dobbis

There is no bad way to get started, as long as you engage with people who can help you learn. Whatever your degree, look for an entry position at a company you respect and follow on LinkedIn and other social media.

Show an interest in learning and in being challenged. You will find out with in a few months if you are in an environment that is nurturing. If yes, learn and ask for more responsibility.

Be brave enough to know that along with good ideas come a few clunkers---but be willing to risk being wrong. Assess the people who can give you guidance and help and work hard to gain their trust. Be honest, be diligent and you will learn.

The only bad places to work, in any field, are places where new people are not given a chance to grow. Start anywhere and if you are in that kind of environment your path will start to make sense.

Answered 6 years ago

Rick Dobbis