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Gary Sforzo

I have two daughters that graduated from College, both are very successful, one is in sports marketing the other in fashion. They entered college feeling the same way you are, but received tremendous guidance from the University. Go in open minded, and in the end, connect to what you feel you are good at and most important what you have a passion to do.

In response to good team interaction. My experience is that the team needs to have a purpose and objectives that all members embrace. Next, each member needs to be held accountable for what they are responsible to for. Other suggestions is the team must allow each member to participate by encouragement, being open minded, and of course listening.

Finance and or accounting are great business majors that prepare and qualify you for many business departments (Sales, Marketing, Operations) As I mentioned above, do what you have a passion for.

Answered 6 years ago

Gary  Sforzo