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Paloma Chica

Business administration provides a lot of career possibilities.
Business Administration basically studies all the aspects of managing business: including entrepreneurship and also deep study of each area of global corporations.
With this major the most common career is related to corporations. The career area you will pursue will depends on your interest and skills. For example, you can build a career in finance if you enjoy numbers and reports, or sales if you prefer interact with clients and negotiate contracts. There are so many possibilities - few more examples includes logistics, marketing, customer service, human resources, acquisitions, and much more related to corporation operations.
There is also the possibility of opening your own local business.
In my case, I decided for a human resources career as I enjoy the interaction with people and being connected with all the areas within an organization, so this major helped me to understand the company's complexities and its areas.
It was not an easy and fast decision. Normally, after 1-2 years studying the student starts to discover the areas most likely to build the career, and internship experience supports also this decision.

Answered 9 years ago

Paloma Chica