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LaQuinda Butler

Hi there, this is a very broad question but I will try my best to answer it.

Usually when someone pursues a degree in business/management, they do so in order to learn the skills necessary to one day manage all or a component of a large Fortune 500 or Fortune 100 company. General management can involve a plethora of duties such as project management, supply chain management, business development and being involved in everything in between.

However, there's also business/management that exists within smaller companies. In this setting, managers are typically responsible for managing particular operations and/or a group of individuals and processes.

Lastly, business/management can be broken into functions such as finance/accounting, marketing, sales, supply chain, IT, operations, etc. Usually, individuals in business specialize in one or more of these functions within large companies.

All in all business/management in itself is very broad and can be broken down based on industry (i.e. healthcare management vs non profit management, etc.), size (Fortune 100 vs start up) and function (general management, finance, operations, marketing, etc).

Hope this helps! :-)

Answered 6 years ago

LaQuinda Butler