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Michael Weisenberg


I am not sure what State you reside in or whether you may be interested in taking courses online. One school I would highly reocommend you consider for Business Management is University of Phoenix. University of phoenix offers both on ground (in person) courses in many cities around the country, but also offers convenient Business Management courses and degrees online. Taking courses online makes efficient use of your time because you can devote time to your studies when most convenient to your lifestyle. If you choose to complete a degree with University of Phoenix at a local campus, most courses are given during evening hours so you can work during the day while you complete your degree. If you choose to reside (dorm) at school, I recommend you consider attending a State University in the State in which you reside. Most State Universities offer robust programs in Business Management and the tuition and living costs are considerably less than those of comparable private Universities. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Answered 3 years ago

Michael Weisenberg