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Paul Keast

In a business career you are growing as if you are twins. You are doing work to help your employer or your business grow so you are doing something for "them". Also you must not forget to engage in actions, training, reading, learning to grow your own capability. When you grow you it helps you do better to grow "them".

When you are working I believe you need to keep 3 things in focus:
1. Never forget that your work and work style will define your reputation and your reputation is very important in how you are perceived and seen. No one will talk much about reputations but decisions will be made about them.
2. Do your work as well as you can. Your performance matters. Get to work on time, take on projects/roles that will help the organization, speak up with intelligence in meetings. It will be noticed.
3. Seek good projects that are future oriented or areas of your passion or most interest. A person who loves driving a bus is more important than a dissatisfied pharmacist.

Answered 9 years ago

Paul Keast