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Wolfgang Siqueiros

A financial planner is someone who is looking out for someone's finances and recommending certain stocks, bonds etc, transactions to invest and build a portfolio of investments with. A financial analyst is usually someone working for a corporation who is analyzing certain areas, and monitoring the financial activity of the company.

Answered 2 years ago

Wolfgang  Siqueiros

Destiny Williams

Financial planning is a respectable career, but you won't get paid well unless you're good at financial planning AND good at sales because the real value add that highly compensated financial planners bring to the table is the ability to retain clients and add new clients. If you want to be the kind of financial planner who wants to sit back and plan without building a book of business, then don't expect to be paid well.

Financial analysis, on the other hand, has a great career path, especially if you land a job at a large company with a rotational culture that will expose you to every part of the business (from supply chain finance, to procurement finance, to commercial finance, FP&A, investor relations, audit, M&A/corporate development, capital analysis, etc.). And as you gain knowledge and experience, you can keep moving up the ladder, and if you decide you'd rather do marketing or general management at some point, you can probably make that switch without too much difficulty--unlike financial planning, which is a pretty narrow career path leaving you with few options if you want to make a change.

Answered 5 years ago

Destiny Williams