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Laura Cattabriga

The honest answer is that you can do almost anything with a business degree! Even unexpected fields like healthcare, education, social services and government, incorporate principals and skills you will learn in business classes. These days, everything is a business! I look at business and management degrees as an opportunity to learn critical thinking skills and the core information that goes into almost all major organizational decisions.

A few thoughts as you consider your options.

1) Business degree often focus on several core areas: Finance; Marketing; Personnel Management and Human Resources. Increasingly programs are including IT components into the curriculum.

2) Start by thinking which of these areas most interests you most. If you are good with numbers, analytical and a detail person, finance might be your path. If you are good with people, have strong communication skills and are well organized, maybe Personnel Management and HR is a good fit. Think about what you can rule out and how you would prioritize your choices. This may help as you look for that first professional experience and refine your path.

3) Look for ways to develop skills and have experiences beyond the classroom. Find jobs to complement your education. Explore businesses and professions. Volunteer! While school provides important critical thinking skills and theoretical knowledge, there is nothing like the real world to tell you what a career is all about!

4) Try to establish a track record of successful employment in conjunction with your education. Demonstrate that you are dependable, organized and willing to grow. Even part time jobs can help you better define your interests and build your resume. Build on your talents, but be willing to try different things. You will be surprised how many places you can apply the things you learn in the classroom! As I said above, good business principals can be found everywhere!!

4) Consider entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur does not just mean starting a internet/technology company in California. People start businesses every day in their communities. These include shops, computer service companies, car washing, catering, delivery, personal services, you name it! It is all about defining an unmet need and filling it. I know a group of High School Students who started a company that collected and scanned business cards to create a database of local businesses. They were able to sell services to the community based on the data they collected. Be creative! Business can be lots of fun!

Remember that a business degree is broad one. It does not focus you the same way specialized degrees like medicine and law might. However, a good business program will give you skills that you can use in a variety of settings. It will be up to you to explore the settings that fit your personality, strengths and weaknesses the best.

Good Luck!

Laura Cattabriga

Answered 7 years ago

Laura Cattabriga