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Andres Aguas

Hello dear Student!

First of all I would like to start by sharing the following quote "Ignorance is a Temporary affliction, remedied only by asking the right questions" Colin Wright. I want to congratulate you because by asking questions you are one step ahead from the others.

In regards to your questions I will share with you my personal experience, I have a double major in Management and Business Administration with a study abroad certification on Strategic Management in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai. I have over 13 years of work experience, some of the Jobs I been able to experience are related to dealing with costumers, for example Account Executive, Executive Assistant and also I been fortunate enough to play Management roles and being responsible for the performance for a team 16 employees. For the last 4 years I been involved with a fast growing industry such as technology, before I joined this industry I was under the impression that only savvy technicians were allowed to work in IT, to my surprise I found out that there is a high demand for a Position called "Business Analyst". a BA or Business analyst is the Liaison between the operations side of the Business and their IT department, you need to be a person with enough knowledge on how the Business operates and also have a minimum understanding how your systems software (software). There are several certifications you can obtain as a Business Analyst that could add up to your Resume and most likely make a huge impact on the salary range you will qualify, the more Business Analyst certification you have the higher the salary range you will qualify. I suggest you look into the Project Management Institute (PMI) they have tons of information on how you can become a certified Business Analyst and what types of careers you can pursue within this industry. Many companies will required that you have a Bachelors on Business in order to be qualified as a Business Analyst therefore this definitely can be included as one of the jobs you could get with your degree.

Good Luck!

PMI Web site: https://www.pmi.org/certification/business-analysis-pba.aspx

Answered 7 years ago

Andres Aguas