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Chemist or Chemical Engineering and where to start?

I am thinking about changing my major as Chemist or Chemical Engineering but I don't really know about the differences of these 2 jobs. Moreover, is there any specific skills that this job require and I don't know where to start from it. I am attending college for credit so is there any suggestions about classes that I should choose? Thank you for reading my question and I am looking forward to your answer.

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Patrick Lincoln

Chemical engineers tend to be able to find a job right after college, as their undergraduate education involves learning technical skills and engineering practices. People who major in pure chemistry tend to go on to graduate school to get a masters or a PhD, and a lot of these chemists go on to do research. If you love math, and want to get a well paying job soon, go with chemical engineering. If you love everything about chemistry and you want more years of school so you can be on the frontier of chemistry knowledge, major in pure chemistry. Just my two cents.

Answered 6 years ago

Patrick Lincoln