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Astor Green

It depends upon where you are in the process as to what specific things you can take a look at. What I basically tell people is to start by listing the things you enjoy doing and is challenging. Then think about how those options might make a difference in someone’s life. This way you’d be doing something that you think is meaningful, but also obviously something that you can make a living doing. For example, for me I choose Chemistry because I enjoyed the subject, I know, many people think that is strange. But now I’m making medicine for a pharma company, which helps people overcome illness, and live better lives. If you are artistic, I can see great value in people getting more enjoyment out of life by being able to view/experience your art, whatever it is. Think about it in terms of what someone would get out of what you’d be doing, rather than what you’d get out of it.

Start with listing what you find interesting and enjoy doing.. ...Astor

Answered 8 years ago

Astor Green