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Enamul Haque

In order to go back to either medical school and graduate school, you need to do very well at MCAT and/or GRE. MCAT is needed for medical school admission and since your GPA is a little bit on the lower side for medical school admission, you need to do very well at MCAT to get admission in a medical school. In order to pursue Masters or PhD in Chemical Biology or other related fields, you need to take GRE.

What is your career objective? Are you interested in research and/or teaching if you cannot get into medical school? Have you thought about doing an MBA? If you are thinking about law school, have you thought to become a patent lawyer? You need to take LSAT exam to enter law school.
Hope it helps. Please free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Answered 9 years ago

Enamul Haque