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Laura Weaver


So you must love Chemistry or you would not have chosen to major in it. What aspects of chemistry do you like? Do you like the physical (math side) chemistry or organic or inorganic, or maybe like analytical? If you can try to narrow down what aspects of chemistry intrigue you then you might find it easier to narrow it down.

My husband also got his BS in chemistry from UNC, but found the starting salaries as essentially a lab technician were not pestigious enough, nor exciting enough for him to settle, so he went to Grad School to specifically get his PhD in Organic Chemistry. He started as a Chemist at Olin Corp, came with me (I'm a Chem Engineer) to Dow Chemical, and he navigated throughout his career into Intellectual Mgmt (and studied to take an 8 hr exam to become a registered Patent agent).

For me, I prefer the math side or problem solving side of chemical engineering and I have always worked in Application Development in polymers. I deal with customers, I write and present papers at conferences, I get to problem solve (my strength), and I travel around the world.

You need to look at the BS chemistry degree as a launching point for something bigger (unless you want to be a technician to a higher degreed professional), or work at a smaller company. Do you like to travel or if you hate travel then you might consider laboratory management or something similar. Good Luck

Answered 8 years ago

Laura Weaver