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Im not understanding this (chemical) ..........

What do chemical got do do with anything

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Aristide Badje

Chemical engineering is the combination of chemistry knowledge with critical thinking in order to create or make something the way you desire, of course using chemicals. This is my own definition. Most chemical engineers work for petroleum companies where the company already have a design process for their job, with their knowledge of chemistry and critical thinking skill, they can learn and understand those processes a lot faster that someone who is a biology or computer science major. Some chemical engineer, work for environmental protection services where they evaluated our everyday activities and determines if recycling certain materials can be reusable or used again to build new materials, that is just one aspect of their job. As a chemical engineer you are fueled with chemistry knowledge, design processes, analysis techniques, and critical thinking skills that enable you to do lots almost anything.

Answered 5 years ago

Aristide Badje