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Enamul Haque

Do your school have "Naviance" ? This is a web portal for students when they are ready to apply for college. You need to go and ask your guidance counsellor about it. You will find a quiz that will tell you what you are good at. Ask her if you can get enrolled in Naviance to take that quiz.

Most important thing for your career is your dream. No websites can do justice compared to what your heart wants. Don't get distracted by what people says. Nothing is easy in life. If you want to study medicine then set your mind on it and you will be successful. It is expensive, but if you specialize in the right area in medicine, you can payoff your loan with no problem. But be careful about taking loans for undergraduate education. Then it will be too much. You are taking the right courses in High School. Stay focussed right now on medicine and in the future if you do not want to study medicine, then study Neuroscience or Bioinformatics, etc. These are new emerging fields and once you do PhD in these areas, you will find good high paying jobs.

Answered 8 years ago

Enamul Haque