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Laura Weaver

Chemical Engineering is an obvious choice, however you could do many things with chemical engineering. You can go on to law school or med school, or pharmacy school as examples. For law school you'd likely ere toward patent law - as many large chemical companies have their own lawyers who very typically (not always) have a BS in chemistry or engineering or the like. Vet school is another option.

A BS is Chemistry might yield you a technician role in a large chemical company, and BS in math may yield you a teaching degree in high school or community college.

I must caution however, after having been a chem engineer for 28 years, don't go into it because of the money, you must have a passion for chemistry and problem solving. If you prefer doing something a little more humanitarian slanted, it may not be for you. Corporate America is not for everyone either - my advise is first evaluate your inner self - what are you passionate about? You'll be doing this job for between 30-40 years, so make sure it grabs your attention and holds it, because it is time consuming and costly to get the degree and decide it's not what your "really" wanted to do. And don't let your parents pursuade you either. My dad was an engineer and my brothers and I are all engineers for corporate america because we are very good with math and problem solving.

Good Luck

Answered 9 years ago

Laura Weaver