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Laura Weaver

I assume you mean before you sign up in college for teh chemical engineering program? If this is the question - you should know that this is a rigorous major, and that classes you take sequentially build up into a solid foundation for use in core engineering classes. Do not take lightly the early foundational years (calculus, math, Pchem, chemistry) and strive for good grades because these are the basis for the core classes you take junior and senior year. Also don't get discouraged with college physics, often viewed as a "weed out" class for engineers. I was an A-B student in all math and chemistry, and got C's and one D in physics. Physics has nothing to do with Chemical engineering and most all my colleagues at work share the same story about physics.

For engineering - once you get into the unit ops and plant design - you may start asking yourself why did I sign up for this? I can assure you that getting this degree is a stepping stone to any field you can imagine - I stepped out of school and into a customer related application development job, never once stepping foot into a pilot plant or production plant. Others step into sales or marketing for chemical companies. And perhaps most importantly are those that do elect to step into manufacturing at chemical companies. Safety is another element of employment that chemical engineers can become involved with.

Lastly the job security and salaries are very good in this field. Good luck with your decisions.

Answered 9 years ago

Laura Weaver