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Ray Osofsky

Welcome to the US!! If engineering is your first priority, take all the math and science courses you can in high school. It's not too early to start thinking about college choices. Investigate a few and determine what they like to see in their freshman applicants. Make sure your background matches as close as possible. Programming can (and will) easily be part of an engineering education. Art and graphic design can also be elective courses.

Whatever you decide, keep your grades up as best you can. At this point you want to be expanding your options and not limiting them. Good luck!!

Answered 9 years ago

Ray Osofsky

Sylvania Stephens

Hello. I wanted to give a little input on your computing side of your career. My bit of advice to you is to get as much math in your high school as possible. This will help in your computer classes. When I was a student, brushing up on old math was my weakness. I think it's terrific that you're also involved in performing arts. This addition will help you balance your artistic abilities and stay in real life arts along with your graphic art desires. Good luck! You seem like one that will really make a difference. Don't forget to volunteer to help other along the way when you make it big!

Answered 8 years ago

Sylvania Stephens