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Chaoxiong You

How to find out: Do any of the following: 1) Do an internship (at least 6 weeks in length) in the field of consulting you are interested in and get engaged in at least 1 project 2) Information-interview at least 1 consultant in every consulting field you are interested in - Then pick your top 3 favorites 3) For the top 3 fields, talk with at least 1 ex-consultant in these fields and find out why he/she quitted. Then your research will be complete. My advice (and it could be just me): If this is your first job, starting to do it is more important than hearing people talk about it. If it's not, then talk to people and trust your gut feeling.

How do I become a consultant: I need to know a bit more about you to answer. I'm a consultant myself and I know most people in my company end up on this career path from different starting points.

Answered 9 years ago

Chaoxiong You