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Nat Stanford

Most consulting work falls into the following categories:
- Strategy
- Operations
- Supply Chain
- Business Model Transformation (helping organizations do their job better, faster, and cheaper)
- Finance
- Marketing/ Branding
- Risk management and mitigation
- Accountability/ governance (are people and organizations doing what they are supposed to?)
- Human Capital (training, hiring/ firing, etc. Everything to do with a company's workforce)
- Technology (what IT is needed to make the firms work? how?)

These categories can apply to any industry, in both the commercial and government sectors.

Answered 10 months ago

Nat Stanford

Al Cuccinello

You can specialize in a field like finance or you can be a generalist. Although most small businesses have multiple problems the primary ones are money and marketing. To put it in other words they don't have money because their products aren't selling.

Answered 3 years ago

Al Cuccinello