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Nat Stanford

Most consulting work falls into the following categories:
- Strategy
- Operations
- Supply Chain
- Business Model Transformation (helping organizations do their job better, faster, and cheaper)
- Finance
- Marketing/ Branding
- Risk management and mitigation
- Accountability/ governance (are people and organizations doing what they are supposed to?)
- Human Capital (training, hiring/ firing, etc. Everything to do with a company's workforce)
- Technology (what IT is needed to make the firms work? how?)

These categories can apply to any industry, in both the commercial and government sectors.

Answered 5 years ago

Nat Stanford

Al Cuccinello

You can specialize in a field like finance or you can be a generalist. Although most small businesses have multiple problems the primary ones are money and marketing. To put it in other words they don't have money because their products aren't selling.

Answered 8 years ago

Al Cuccinello