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Daniel Palka

It falls under "human services" or "professional services." To establish a career in social work will require a Masters Degree and even then it is not a high paying profession. The best paid, private practice takes a special kind of person and takes years to build a lucrative practice. I am a retired social worker. Like any profession there are any number of specialties. A few of them are: psychotherapy, medical social work, community based, physical rehabilitation, behavioral health rehab, and industrial social work. And some of them have sub-specialties with particular groups such as age, economic status, physical and mental challenges, hospice care, etc.

You may want to consider counseling; that too requires a Masters and State license.
As for your interaction with others, a well rounded education will take care of that but especially in the human services areas where you will have opportunities to learn about and experience meaningful interaction and gain self knowledge.

A more lucrative profession is psychology but that too requires at least a Masters and a Doctorate.

Good luck.

Answered 5 months ago

Daniel Palka