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Does major determine success or even matter?

After changing my major from elementary education/sociology during the beginning of my junior year, I felt that I was too far ahead with sociology to change my major all together. I had picked sociology as a means to fill the double major elementary education gap and now I am regretting the degree because the job outlook appears horrible. I just wish I had gone into college undecided and chose something that I would feel at least comfortable and safe with. I want to stop regretting and start believing but I it feels impossible.

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Deriene Adams

Today, all fields are not guaranteed. So it would be somewhat premature to have fear. However, sociology is a general field and can be transferred into almost any subject/field/career. Never a waist. Job outlook depends on where you live yes but not that there's no jobs you just have to see it differently. Management , counseling, working with youth, early childhood, school worker, etc.

Answered 9 years ago

Deriene Adams