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I personally believe that it is very challenging to be a teacher at the elementary school, these are the early days for any kids and the kids would be curious about so many things, so providing them with the right foundation is important. Being around with kids, one needs to have loads of patience. I have also heard that there would be a lot of paper-work associated with kids from elementary school like report cards, attendance sheets, growth plans and also grading papers is definitely a tedious thing to do.

On the brighter side, it is very rewarding. In the sense kids will love you, you will seem like the world to them. If you like being with kids, this should be a real good place for you and all the paperwork would surely be masked by being with those adorable little ones. Also you could get a lot of free time when compared to the usual 9-5 work.

Hope this answer gives you a brief idea.

Answered 9 years ago