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Don Mineo

I am assuming you are saying you have a BA in Communications? I don't know if it was spelling too quicking on the system or an auto correct changed some of your words in your question. I would suggest that you understand and get more knowledge about the professional world you would like to pursue. A degree means nothing except you jumped through whoops successful. I would rather someone that knows more about basic skills, like writing a sentance with little to no errors, about to complete basic math and technology skills. If you say you are an expert in all of these, then you need to reevaluate your abilities and what companies are expecting out of a graduate. Try CaCareerCafe.Com and CaCareerZone.edu and do a search for College Navigator (.gov site) in which you can find schools which might be less expensive to finish your degree. You to evaluate your options and just don't jump into another direction whcih often just brings more confusion then focusing on an industry that you want to work. Good luck to you.

Answered 8 years ago

Don Mineo