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How important is it to have a good grade in sciences which are not your highest level of interest?

I am a Biology major and although I have really good grades in my subject, I am struggling with Ochem and I am feeling the pressure already. I was wondering how much into account do they look at other sciences you are not specializing in.

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Bryon Sohns

That depends a lot on what kind of job you will be interested in when you are done. I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering, but I never enjoyed the material properties areas of that profession. I focused on dynamics, systems, and math modeling (and now I'm a Reliability Engineer, go figure), and I've gotten along just fine. If you are looking at a profession that requires OChem, obviously that can be an issue, but otherwise as long as it is not a significant portion of your major you will likely be okay. The most important thing is to identify the type of job you want based on your interests, and take electives that work towards that.

Answered 7 years ago

Bryon Sohns