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Ian Furman

There are several avenues for you that you could pursue. Fortunately, there is a renewed emphasis on preschool education, and even President Obama made it a talking point in a recent speech. I would first try to get a job at a day care. Usually, all that is needed is a High School diploma; However, it is becoming common for teachers at this level to have at least an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. You could also get a four year teaching degree at a university. This would allow you to not only teach in schools, but also to do other non-traditional occupations like start your own preschool.
Another career path would be social work, though I am not as familiar with the field. I do have a friend who is currently working as a mediator to help families meet the challenges they face. She would be more than willing to share her advice if asked.

From birth to nine years of age is the most important developmental period in anyone's life. If you would like to talk more about the specific subject please let me know and I can go into greater detail about teaching in early childhood and how children develop.

Answered 7 years ago

Ian  Furman