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I am three classes shy of an Associates degree and trying to figure what I want to do.

I am three classes shy of an Associates degree and then I can continue on to a University. I have been with HEB for 6 years but do not see myself being happy or comfortable in a management position. I am artistic, I am good with computers, I like animals, I like kids. I do not like blood, needles, heavy labor, stressful environments, selling people things they don't want, harassing people, constantly answering phone calls.

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Stephanie Cooper

My first question would be, have you thought about going into graphic design? That incorporates both artistry as well as computers. The next thing I would tell you is that some sort of web development or web design would be another great option. If you want to go into management in one of those areas, you can continue to a university and do that. Or, after your associates, you can focus first on getting some certifications (network security is another huge market) that will give you an edge over other applicants. And once you get a little more knowledge there, that might give you a better overall picture of what to study at a university in order to reach your overall goal.
As far as stressful situations go, every job has a certain aspect of that, but if you like what you're doing, that can really help make the stress worth dealing with and you'll still have ultimate job satisfaction - which makes a difference.
The last thing I would tell you is that not all education opportunities are created equal. Once you know what you want to do, make sure you take time to research each institution down to the very classes they offer. Don't be afraid to network and ask professionals in the different fields you're considering how they got started, what is relevant now, where they see the market going and any other suggestions they can think of to help you get there. You'll be surprised, too, that many of those kind of connections can be what helps you get a job later, or even better, do an internship while you're getting your degree or certifications because experience is equally if not more important than even the education.

Hope that helps.

Answered 9 years ago

Stephanie Cooper