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Saima Chowdhury

Foremost, before changing your major you want to ask yourself why you chose that major in the first place. If a specific filed appeals to you, you can look at other areas of expertise within that field to see if any of them would be a career path. Secondly, if you are thinking of changing your major to a completely different field then make sure that you still graduate on time, speak to your advisor or the Office of Registrar to make a calculated approach to a) how many credits do you need for the new major b) how many credit are interdisciplinary and can be transferred and c) what additional requirement such as field study or internships do you need?

That being said, pick a major that you have genuine interest in by looking at the careers that you could have by following that major. Though not necessarily mandatory many fields require certain certification or classes that you need as an undergrad and grad which can impede the amount of time you wish to stay in school.

Answered 9 years ago

Saima Chowdhury