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Maria Kim

The fact that you love little kids is a great starting point, but that alone doesn't guarantee that it'll make you happy if you choose a career that is centered around them. You already have some hands-on experience working at a daycare part-time though, so that should give you pretty useful insights. How would you feel if you did it 40 hrs/wk as a full-time job? What things you enjoy the most and what things do you dislike about it? Are you interested in just playing with them, seeing them go through their developmental stages, helping them learn, or observing and studying how they process information? At the end, it's a very personal decision and there is no clear right or wrong answer. Some people are lucky to find that their passion and their career are in perfect harmony. But it's also not unusual to realize that your hobbies and passions are not such a perfect match when you have to do them for a living.

Answered 8 years ago

Maria Kim