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Florianna Thompson

Young children need environments which allow them to experience hands-on learning. Look for a school supports children in play, teachers who observer and build their curriculum on children's interest. One that supports social and emotional skills. Children who have had many opportunities to explore while learning, have positive self -esteem and feel confident do well in school.

One example: The school that gives children all kind and colors of real apples to explore, discuss the colors, shapes, smells, taste and textures. (Building and extending language, encouraging questions, comparing, counting and thinking) Then provides them with art materials to create an apple.(Encouraging problem solving, thinking, and development of thoughts) (This is a good school)
The school that give a child a ditto( picture) of an apple and tells them to color the apple red and the leaves green.(This is a school the will not limit learning opportunities)

Answered 9 years ago

Florianna Thompson