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Pamela Galus

For everyone, the first year or so of college involves taking some basic classes so it isn't necessary to know exactly what you want to do before you start college. Just get started! If you know you want to be a teacher, there are many classes that you can take that may help you make the decision. Teaching is a very fulfilling career.

If you get a degree and decide not to work in that field, the degree will still help you grow as an individual and get better jobs as sometimes employers just want to know you have a degree. A college degree to many people means that you have the intellect, fortitude and determination to get things done. There are many jobs in education and opportunities to work with young people that do not require a four year degree.

Until you decide, consider volunteering in a school or for an organization that works with children in the area that interests you -- such as the zoo, Children's Museum, nature organization, summer camps, girl scouts or boy scouts ... .

Answered 7 years ago

Pamela Galus