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Parmeshvar Dhaliwal

Today a lot of students complain about essays and other writing assignments. At the same time in college they fail in those subject areas. In many colleges it is a requirement for a student to pass a writing exam in which they have to write two essays in order to move up to upper division classes. Teachers in 9 grade usually teach shakespeare and poetry while in tenth grade its basically a review of 9 except with more emphasis on critical thinking and vocabulary. In 11 and 12 is when most english teachers start focusing on writing and writing well. Most students find it difficult to write critically. Students prefer writing a response to something they have read because for them that is easier. One thing I have found is that students have a hard time forming an opinion which they fully believe and support with evidence and experience. If a student does form an opinion then most of the time they are unable to come up with something to support it. 12 grade english is where real world issues come into place. English teachers get students to write and think about issues such as obesity, juvenile justice, rape etc. The readings become more complicated but it depends on if the english teacher is teaching ap english or expository reading and writing.

Answered 9 years ago

Parmeshvar Dhaliwal